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Our Family of Programs

  Each of our primary concepts, research and product development endeavors are listed within this section in preview form -to help us share the work we're doing and the progress we're making with each of our product and service development programs with everyone.

Alternatively, if you're in a hurry, you can use this "shortlist" of program-specific links to navigate directly to each program's specific resource page instead.

  Check back here regularly to keep up to date with how we're progressing with each of our endeavors in the future.

Our Family of Development Programs

We design for long term independent sustainability, durability and adaptability in everything we offer as long term development programs rather than as short term product lines and services.

We aim for nothing short of making living and working off-Earth a reasonably attainable reality for all of humankind. Our family of programs are how we plan to achieve getting to the future with the greatest opportunities to go beyond surviving and thriving made available to all.

Check each one out below.
Our Luna-Dev Programs family of products and services are how we plan to enable humanity to establish reasonable means to build a sustainable off-Earth community.

This is where we provide official notices, information and updates about each of our Luna-Dev Programs - products, services and operations to the public.

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Our Sol-Nav Network family of products and services will provide humanity with a comprehensive series of observational and communications capabilities across our solar system and beyond.

Visit here for official notices, information and updates about how we plan to utilize this network to meet and/or exceed the needs of a robust body of civil and commercial off-Earth development operations and programs.

Our A&A-TranServ Programs family of products and services will allow humanity the freedom to explore the open expanse of the universe with a guarantee to provide the safest and most affordable way to get payloads and personnel around, and beyond the Sol-system.

Find a wide variety of information about our A&A-TranServ programs & concepts, along with progress updates about how we're coming along with developing them, here.
Our Orbital Relay Port Station (ORPS) Network family of products and services, in conjunction with our other services, will enable future off-Earth pioneers the real estate, infrastructure, access and opportunities to establish off-world living as the norm.

This is where you can check in for information and updates about our ORPS Network developments.
Our Midway Arena Network Programs family of products and services are geared towards providing humanity with the first-ever off-world commercial sports and entertainment events venue.

With the Midway Arena, we hope to host a whole new generation of sports and entertainment events for all of humanity to enjoy.

Clean Spark Energy Programs

Our Clean Spark Energy Division represents our endeavors to offer an extensive library of simple affordable ambient energy conversion, storage and distribution installation assemblies as an adaptive ambient energy cycling system for home use through our 3D print stores.

Perma-Living Programs

Our Perma-Living Programs are our initiative to create, produce and provide the next generation of comprehensive, cost-effective, sustainable and self-sufficient living products, support services and educational resources. In this, our mission is simply to promote a mutually beneficial relationship between nature and humankind through all that we offer through the marketplace.

Easy Fit Programs

Our Easy Fit Programs represent each of our endeavors to provide a plethora of 3D printable medical support and assisted living products that, can help improve the quality of life for all temporarily and permanently disabled and medically necessitated individuals.

RFCINCo Store serves as our online promotional product storefront.

We offer an extensive variety of RFCINCo branded products through this promotional product storefront. Each of our promotional products are designed to enable our supporters and fans to show their support for what we strive to achieve while getting something useful out of it and still helping us earn our way toward our goals.

RFCINCo Designs is our latest virtual storefront addition wherein, we will soon be offering a whole host of RFCINCo program-specific 3D printable product lines online.
Interested in joining our team?
   We are interested in any and all potential RFCINCo representatives that want a richly rewarding, and enabling, experience with how they will help us develop our diverse body of sustainable local -to- off-Earth products, services and business opportunities.

   If you're interested in joining our team -to help us create a plethora of amazing opportunities to help all of humanity boldly prosper across the Sol-system and beyond- you can either:

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