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Midway Arena Concepts

   RFCINCo' Midway Arena is planned to be humanity' first exclusive off-world sporting and entertainment events venue. It will be located within one of the Lagrangian points within the Earth-Moon system wherein, its design is being suited to a wide variety of event types that could take full advantage of the unique 0g environmental characteristics of the Lagrangian point within a large open 3D space within our orbitally stalled facility.

   The Midway Arena field will feature a massive 200 x 150 x 120 yard internal area with a negative scalene ellipsoid internal structure that will appear like a squashed pill from the inside. Either end of the arena will have an unique "endzone-like" area that creative events developers can utilize to create a whole new world of competitive sporting, and entertainment, events for the audiences of the world to enjoy. Performers of all types will have a large open space with a nearly endless amount of area-customization options to temporarily outfit the arena to their unique event-specific needs.
   Extensive manned and unmanned media stalls and spectator areas of our Midway Arena will allow both local, and remote, audiences to capture and share every second, and every angle, of every sound and every move made on the Midway Arena field. Our dedicated and extensive media recording and broadcasting services will allow our on-site spectator-audiences and media service providers to comprehensively share each event with the world and beyond!
Check back here regularly, and/or, follow us around the web to keep an eye out on how we're coming along with our Midway Arena concepts as they develop.