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Clean Spark Energy

Our Clean Spark Energy Division represents RFCINCo's endeavors to offer an extensive library of safe, affordable ambient energy conversion, banking and distribution product assemblies for both portable/field and home use.

Our CSE product libraries are intended to offer a plethora of options for consumers to easily transition away from typically cost-prohibitive monthly grid-dependent leased accessed relationships into a beneficial relationship between the individual consumer and their privately owned custom power systems.

We aim to to provide product assemblies that allow consumers to take ownership over their own unrestricted home-based power supplies. We think everyone should have reasonable access to truly clean energy supplies without being forced to pay a monthly bill for it ever again.

Our aim is to make clean, passive ambient energy cycling systems a new standard in new home construction and, to personalize ownership and control over how humanity generates, stores and uses ambient energy systems for the benefit of the world as the new global regulatory focus.

CSE's Energy Banking Product Assemblies & Services:

All truly viable independently sustainable energy throughput systems begin with their energy storing capacities. This why CSE focuses much of its work on developing a plethora of products for consumers to use to store any amount of electrical energy supplies with our unique series of 3D printed rechargeable salt water battery product assemblies.

All of our 3D printed rechargeable battery product assemblies incorporate salt solution electrolytes (comprised of potable water and/or normal table salt provided/added by the customer) as the primary storage medium for all imported electrons flowing into/through it.

We use salt water based electrolytic solutions for all our battery products in order to;
- render each product assembly safe and easy for anyone to reliably assemble, install, maintain and use for extended periods,
- their drastically improved safety rating for their eventual recycling/disposal over all other types of applicable electrolytic solutions,
- their reliability in sustaining their cycling efficiency rates over time and,
- the low-costs, handling safety and ease of access to both of the required component resources.

All of our energy banking product assemblies and their related supporting services will come with a host of open access remote consumer support resources -to help guide them through the assembly, installation and general care of their CSE product assemblies for the life of its use.

Our starting product lines will include our own variety of portable rechargeable salt water alternatives to most major standard battery types (such as; AAA, AA, C, & D battery types). These product lines are intended to offer consumers a cleaner alternative for powering any devices that run on these types of batteries.

Our SparkWell line of modular deep-cycle home-sourced power banking systems are our focal line of salt water battery products. We're introducing the SparkWell line to offer safe, reliable on-site supply of electricity to the consumer. Our Sparkwell line of home based power banking products will serve as the wellsprings of energy to supply each of our custom-fitted on-site independent power system assemblies.

CSE Ambient Energy Conversion Product Assemblies:

As apposed to the industry standard definition of "clean energy", at RFCINCo clean energy is defined as; energy produced without routine use of ecologically harmful feed-stocks or assemblies that produce pollutants to generate/convert energy into electricity for general purpose use.

This definition eliminates feed-stocks such as; coal, gas, oil, etc. from the category of clean energy options as well as renewable fuel use -and- any hardware assemblies that uses combustion driven conversion processes that result in environmental pollution to produce/convert energy into electricity.

Clean energy is further defined by RFCINCo as; energy derived from ambient sources using passive collection and conversion processes that do not produce any environmental pollutants in its collection and/or conversion processes. Such ambient energy sources are derived from wind, solar, hydro, thermal convection and ionized atmospheric collection source/assemblies along with any other forms of potential energy that can be passively collected and converted from the environment without causing any ecological harm in the process.

So, producing assemblies that utilize processes that collect/convert ambient energy sources is the another major focus of RFCINCo's product libraries provided through the CSE division.

CSE Energy Cycling & Distribution Product Assemblies:

Being able to safely, easily and reliably integrate any home-based power system into a customer's property is a fundamental requirement of any effort to convert it into a reliable self-sufficient energy system for the consumer. So, CSE is also focused on producing a plethora of energy cycling and distribution products and assemblies to work with our other CSE products and all standard home electrical systems.

CSE Product Assembly Categories:

- Plug-in Ambient Energy Collectors: As was mentioned previously, ambient energy is any energy type naturally occurring in any typical environment that can be harnessed through safe passive collection/conversion processes -to safely and efficiently collect/convert native-sourced free-flowing energy types into potable electricity.

These include assemblies such as; wind turbine assemblies, hydro-electric turbine assemblies, photovoltaic cell assemblies, thermo-electric turbine assemblies, stator assemblies, rotor assemblies, induction motor assemblies, electromagnetic turbine assemblies, etc.

Our intent with these product lines are -to provide all varieties of energy conversion products that meet our standards while best defining preferred ones that can excel in the customer's native environment as optimal comprehensive energy production suites that are tailored for each region and biome type we can design viable products for.

- Energy converters: Our energy converters are intended to serve all standard types of amp/V throughput demands -to best ensure their sister product varieties function at their desired throughput demands for all potential connected devices. These include products such as; capacitor assemblies, inverter assemblies and more.

- Energy storage: Though, many types of batteries already exist in the market, The CSE Division seeks to develop ones that are able to meet capacity and throughput demands for our client's assemblies demands in clean and easy to maintain ways for the average consumer. So, our batteries are being designed to use safe naturally occurring rechargeable salt water storage mediums and safe reliable long lasting catalytic assemblies to facilitate adequate obsorption, storage and release of electron flow for use with our other product libraries.

- Distribution assemblies: CSE's energy distribution assemblies are intended to work seamlessly with both, our line of products and the greater variety of pipeline access/exchange products which, are already standard installations at the consumer's residences. This includes products such as; plug-in -line splicing products, inverters, capacitors, relays, stand-alone outlets (110/260) etc.