Serving the purpose one step at a time.


Our Purpose:

   We endeavor to provide the next generation of practical sustainable living options to the world through all of what we do and offer. We strive to serve this purpose through our on-going work to expand on each of our program's product and service libraries.

Each of our programs are focused on developing a wide variety of innovative products, assemblies and supporting services geared toward closing the sustainability loop for individuals and communities both on and off-Earth while also using them to open up reasonable access to the next generation of affordable space-bound living, employment and real estate opportunities to the general public.

   We aspire to provide an extensive library of adaptive 3D printable products and remote support services in the areas of; off-world transportation/delivery, habitation, communications, agriculture, entertainment, and more.

- Visit our "Connect" and "Our Programs" pages to check out the latest with what we've got going on. Click on any of our program icons to learn more about each of our focal initiatives, and, what their latest progress updates are.
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